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Well there’s a few things to think about. We usually work with the body as our reference for color. We then go into Photoshop. The main thing to remember is that most garments can only be photographed on either the sides or back. But we don’t use only the back to build a model. So the back will be painted and we’ll then try and create a background just like you see us in the movie or TV shows, in a photo studio. Once the background is done, we’ll have to paint it all. The most important part for us is to create the clothes.

In the movie you’re able to do that by using a technique called “paint-it-yourself” where we’ll go in and pick a few colors and we’ll see if we can get a dark blue. But the hardest part is trying to draw details into the clothing. What kind of details are we looking for? And what kind of detail do we need to have that you might not have? And how can we paint it all together?

What are some interesting fashion-related photos you’ve taken? What do you find most inspiring.
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I love working with the costumes and looking at the costumes on a big screen in the studio and seeing how they’re styled or made. We like to think of ourselves as filmmakers with a very strong visual style. So working with costumes gives us a lot of freedom in just what we want to make. With the hair we can be creative. Usually on any TV show you have certain hair styles. For the movies you really don’t have that much choice, you’re limited by the actor’s schedule or the size of the movie, so it’s something that we’re always kind of experimenting with. Then we also find great opportunities in fashion. We’ve done lots of fashion shoots on the sets of movies and our friend has worked on fashion shoots for all of Christopher Nolan’s movies. We’ve gone to a number of fashion shows around the city and really really liked what we saw. It’s kind of funny because you’re always shooting on a big screen; and you’re always creating an art piece for the camera, which we kind of enjoy that. So the fashion shoots are an exercise in that, making stuff that’s beautiful and creative. And just really feeling the look and the process behind it.

Have you ever thought about shooting movies yourself?

Of course, because the people who work on us have done a lot of shooting. But for us it

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