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There will probably be a few days to a week during this process. You can be certain it will take several hours of editing.

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How many people will I work with?

It’s always a good idea to have at least two people involved. Not everyone will have a degree in English, but I also need a few people to help me with the translation and to keep me on track with the project. And the project itself – you have to make a cover and keep the deadline – there are no shortcuts.

How long will the project take to complete?

The project has been going on since June 2009, and while this is a slow process most of the editing has taken place since April 10, 2012, when a new version was finished. This will also include a final proof and printing of the book, as well as some small edits to the final art and some additional proofs. This will take at least six months to complete all this because there will still be edits to do after the completion date. The final proof should be ready in June 2013, but the proof needs to be revised a few times for consistency. And after proofing the cover and the proofs are ready – the proof and final copy can be sent for printing and mailing. Finally, the proof then goes to a printer and the book gets distributed.

Do you have a deadline?
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Yes, a deadline is set. This deadline is when the proof and final copy are to be printed and printed until they are ready for distribution.

How much does the project cost?

The exact cost depends on how many copies there will be of the book, and the time it will take to get to printing. The cost I’m looking at for this project is around $5000. At present I don’t have a rough estimate of how many copies I can make, but I know that I could get around 10 to 100 copies printed, so in a very generous scenario I would expect it to cost between $500 and $600 to print 300 copies.

Is this a good way to fund a book?

Not for me. That way I can use the money to fund other similar projects if they become more popular; but I don’t have the funds to support this one as long as I have a publisher so it will go to waste. And not having the right publisher for the project is also a big problem. So instead I’m funding it

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