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Well, to the chagrin of the most hardcore users, I didn’t see anything to suggest otherwise.

So which one do you use for your photos?

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You will be able to add photos to your photo album anytime you want from the camera. You can also upload some photos to social media sites. Photo album and photos in gallery are available for your personal and private use. You can add an album to view in different categories. All of your photos are saved on your memory card and all photos you take will be backed up to the computer. You can view any of your photos at a high resolution. It will all be viewable in your app. Photos album and camera are not restricted to any location. You can share your photos from wherever you have your device.

Mozilla has just announced a new Firefox Browser for Android. This Android browser is not based on the latest version of Firefox OS nor does it use the desktop version of Firefox from the last 5 years. It is based on a new version of the Firefox platform called “Firefox 31”. This new Firefox is based on the modern version of Gecko with a lot of improvements.

Mozilla also announced the same day, that it is working on a new mobile Firefox browser for mobile devices. After this browser will be an independent Firefox platform that will work with any Linux, Windows or other operating system out there. However, there are details about it. This new browser will be built using modern technology. Some features are the use of HTML 5 technologies on mobile devices, WebExtensions and some other features. The new Firefox will work both for Android and iOS devices.

While the Firefox OS is on Android, people are thinking about the future of Firefox Windows Phone. That is what it will be. We hope that this new Firefox will help Firefox users to upgrade to a better Firefox OS and support new Windows Phone 9 devices.

We are still waiting for more details about this new Firefox. If you already are on one of the Firefox OS devices, you should install this new version of Firefox. And make sure that you can turn the “Firefox” into a separate platform.


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The Walt Disney World Resort has just added a new snackbar to its line of food, which will be available at the Magic Kingdom and Tomorrowland.

The new menu item called ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ is a

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