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With the launch of Lightroom Classic, we are moving the process forward. There are a couple key advantages of the new version. One, most photographers know of Lightroom Classic when they check their camera’s settings but the feature hasn’t been updated for many years. That’s why it has become the “Classic” in the name. That meant that when upgrading Lightroom Classic, we didn’t have to go back into the photo editing menu or go out and buy our old equipment, just purchase a Classic.

Two, a lot of people have been asking that what happened to Lightroom Classic. To hear the answer, we interviewed and tested the current version of Lightroom Classic with our client’s camera and they told us they are already able to work with Lightroom Classic. We know we have also been doing that.

Canon-24mm-and-28mm-f2.8-IS-USM – Light And Matter
We want to make sure that Lightroom Classic will support the functionality we need to keep Lightroom alive at all costs. This is a big change for all users and one that needs to be done right. We want you to be aware that we cannot provide a new version of Lightroom Pro just without fixing problems.

Where do I get Lightroom Classic right now? If you need help transitioning Lightroom to Lightroom Classic, see the page.

What can I expect next?

We will have more details in the near future about how the new version of Lightroom works in order to support Lightroom Classic. This new version will take more time. We do not have the resources or the time to update every single one of your Lightroom files. And of course, if you update your Lightroom files, you will have to install the new version again.

And Lightroom will need new tools in order to continue to serve you. We are working on that now. But, what we are working on right now is:

Updating Lightroom’s documentation.

Updating Lightroom’s software.

Introducing “Mac compatibility mode” so you can run Lightroom in your Mac.

You will see Lightroom Classic in a couple of days on the web. Thank you for all that you do for Lightroom. The last month has been the best of our careers – you have all been great!

The best is yet to come.

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