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A lot of people ask when I’m gonna post the next photo of my new girlfriend after she gave me this awesome new outfit to wear to her first college class.

I think my answer is that there is a better way. What if you can see through clothes?

Imagine if a camera could see inside of clothing as well, or even into the brain of the clothing. In the same way that a telescope can look outside of our atmosphere, a camera inside of clothing can see into the brain of our clothing, allowing us to see into our clothes.

I’m just starting to seriously think about this. It is going to be a lot of work to actually create such a system, and the technology is not ready yet. However, I feel that I should do it in order to prove to you guys that I am worthy of the money I have been offered, and that you guys are more advanced than the rest.

Do you want to see your clothes through your screen? Tell your friend about it!

You can visit here to find other ways to see through your clothes.

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What do you do with your time in your day? Take up the slack, and enjoy the sunshine, relax, do something for your spouse, or learn something. And we’ve already seen this done on the internet – there’s the famous photo of a mother and child in a beach chair, and a guy who’s playing his iPod on the sidewalk, which was shared over 7,000 times. But we’re happy to report that in London, where the British capital is located, a child has invented an app.

Yes, what was meant for a kid in London and now for anyone in London can be enjoyed by everyone, from London or from any place in the world.

What is the London Child’s App?

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