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Absolutely nothing is included in version 7 (or Lightroom version 8). The basic version of Lightroom features Lightroom Classic 8 as the default photo editor, Lightroom Pro 9 as a standalone utility, and Lightroom for iPad as a free trial option.

Can I do a copy and paste from the iPhone?

You may be aware that copying is one of the most used ways to perform digital photo manipulation. You’re able to do this on iOS at the moment, but it’s not quite as straightforward as on an Android device – and your photos will suffer due to this.

The good news is that you can now easily move images between your iPhone and Android devices by tapping the screen to choose your devices. This is an extremely powerful new way to move photos between devices.

Will this affect my Lightroom photos?

No, at the moment no. As you can see from the screenshots below, Lightroom Classic 8 is the default photo editing tool, so it doesn’t matter which iOS or Android version you’re using.

Where will I see my changes?

All the time. If Lightroom Classic 8 or the Lightroom for iPad app has been used previously, you will always see the most recent version.

How many photos can I move between my iPhone and Android device?

Just a few hundred! This is more than enough to keep your photos up to date with their new digital counterparts. If you want to keep a lot more than that, it’s a matter of trying new things.

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