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If you’re using the free version of Lightroom, you can take advantage of the same functionality on all your devices. The only exception is Windows, where you can only manage a limited number of cameras, edit the camera settings, and create a custom folder for your photos.

What exactly do I get with Lightroom 5?

With Lightroom 5 Pro users can use the full suite of plugins, including RAW and Lightroom Presets, and also the new Photo Booth app for sharing and organizing their photos. Lightroom 5 Pro users also enjoy support for new features like HDR processing, the ability to shoot RAW in RAW format, faster processing, support for the new iPhone X, and an improved iOS 11 Drag & Drop experience that ensures drag and drop is faster than ever.

It will take awhile for Lightroom Pro to start receiving new features and new improvements because every camera, lens, and firmware update takes time. You can start using lightroom5.3Pro with your existing camera firmware, if available. Just make sure you have Lightroom installed before you get in there.
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Will I benefit from Lightroom Pro’s new, faster processing abilities?

Yes. Lightroom Pro’s Camera Raw 2.0 processing capabilities allows lightroom to do a lot more processing at virtually no additional cost compared to its predecessor. In fact, even the camera itself is no longer expensive, costing only $30 less on a single model compared to Lightroom 4:

The new Camera Raw 2.0 processing is now in Lightroom 4 and will be available later this year in Lightroom 5. For the duration of lightroom4 Lightroom Pro users are on track to get the same raw processing capabilities that are available through Camera Raw 2.0. For this to happen Lightroom’s Camera Raw 2.0 processing needs to be supported because that is the only way we’ll be able to leverage the full processing power and functionality that Camera Raw 2.0 provides.

The reason that Camera Raw 2.0 is more expensive is simple: more processing power means more images you need to scan, more scans you need to print, plus lightroom needs to be installed to keep up with the processing. You can do your images from Lightroom 4 with Lightroom 4 and then export the images to Adobe Lightroom 5 and it’s compatible.

Now, let me be clear, I know you’re not all that excited about Lightroom 5. After all, Lightroom 4 was a pretty popular photography app

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