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Sure, but it might be even harder than you think to get your kids the digital tools they need to make, say, their own superhero-themed shirts and stickers.


We asked several tech gurus and designers to help out with a primer on how to do it right. Here are some of the most helpful tips.


When choosing the right image

Don’t use your kid’s artwork right away. You need to work with it to build an image with real-world applications and content, and this goes beyond your family in-laws. A good rule to live by here is “If it doesn’t work in your iPhone, then it probably shouldn’t work in yours.” We tried everything from the new ones that are designed specifically for toddlers to those that look cute. Just remember—there are some great images being created right now that don’t even bother with “kid friendly” features, and don’t expect them all to be free download.
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Get a custom template


The first thing you need to consider when creating your image is the size of your iPhone (or any phone). It can be useful to take a mockup image from Adobe Illustrator, crop it at the appropriate size, then resize it by hand into the proper size that suits your kid’s screen. Most of the free apps you’ll find will get this task done fairly easily.

Choose an ideal format


One great thing about digital image editing software like Adobe Photoshop is that it takes care of formatting for you out of the box. But if you’re creating a real life image like this, you might need to tweak things a bit, to make sure that the color choices are correct, the line widths are correct, and so on. The most important thing to know is that the image should fit on the app or website you’re creating it. This is what we’re trying most to help kids develop their visual language into, so it should be easy for them to see it once they actually do.


Don’t be afraid to make copies

That old adage that “people steal your stuff when they want to get free stuff” is a bit of wisdom that’s easy to forget as you go along, but we promise that once your kid gets comfortable with your custom artwork, they’ll stop stealing your stuff, and you’ll have to start paying some pretty good prices to get what they want. As in all the digital-age art in

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