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To be honest, my idea for the new page was nothing to draw attention to it and when I saw that it was free I was like no way!

What was the idea behind the website that was created? (Link).

I have always considered my life to be a struggle because I work in this particular business that I love so much. I worked really hard so I could be one of those people that people would say – that’s lucky, this is what a good career looks like.

Did you have any trouble with the fact that all your work is in different countries?

Yeah. I didn’t feel that at first. After all, if I don’t live in Sweden, my business would look the same. But then once I had time to study and study a bit too much, I was like wow, no way. And then I realized that I can never know the circumstances so I had to put what I learned into practice right away.

Image caption Many of the prisoners would have to pay a fine and go to work after the trial

A new private court which hears sex-based assault cases in England and Wales has been set up – but critics say it’s too little too late.

The New Zealand-based Judge Advocate General has been given the task of trying rape and sexual assault cases, including child abduction.

The scheme aims to protect women whose cases have been referred to police.

However, experts say it has a “chilling effect” on the rights of victims.

Currently, only two police forces in the UK – Surrey and Essex – have full-time Judge Advocates General.

However, there is some evidence that more cases are being referred to the courts because of the legal aid rules.

“We now know that over 100% of the cases coming to me, from the time I started, have been referred to another police force or other public sector organisation,” said the head of the judiciary, Mr John O’Neill.

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“This is simply a matter of numbers, because the number of rape victims who have been referred to other police forces, the number of child abduction victims, who have been referred to CPS, it’s simply a matter of numbers. ”

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke welcomed the change.

“It’s now recognised that a lot of rape and other sex crimes, particularly these types are difficult to investigate and prosecute,” he said.

‘Very chilling effect’


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