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Where can I find VSCO software?

See here

How do I use VSCO software?

To make a new movie, use a file manager.

To modify an existing movie, use a file manager.

To watch a movie on VSCO networked PC:

Select the video you want to watch using a file manager, select the movie in the “My Movies” list (if it is an existing movie)

Click on an available region if you know one exists (if not, try the search field in the right-hand column), then press the select button or click on another region. This takes a while (1-10 minutes, depending on the quality), but doesn’t cost any money, so get used to it. The most important thing here is don’t edit the movies until after you start watching.

Click on the green movie icon in the right-hand column, if it is a movie that you wish to watch.

To create a movie or insert a movie:

Choose a region (if you don’t know one, you should check the region in the left-hand map, or try the search field in the right-hand column), and select the “Movie I want to create” or “Movie Insertion” option in the left-hand map, or enter a title in a field in the right-hand map. The movies are in sequential order (for some region, only 1 or 2 movies are assigned to each region), so there are not many opportunities to make mistakes. When you complete the movie’s creation, the movie icon is removed and you have a new movie at the beginning.

What happens to my movie when I do not use VSCO?

Please note: VSCO does not store the movie you’ve made. VSCO only shows movie related information, like rating, date, rating and rating range and a link to the source of that information. All the movies that you have made remain as are. You can delete your movies after you’ve made them with VSCO, or you can delete an existing one.

You can always choose another movie manager, see here.

Can I delete my VSCO subscription, or other services?

Yes, but this can be difficult as you might lose your subscriptions. To use your subscription on VSCO, click on the subscription icon in the center of the TV-in

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