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I have a Canon 5D and a Nikon D7100. I know it’s a lot of apps, but they’re both very popular. I’ve used Photoshop a few times. I love them both.

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This project is a proof of concept to see if it’s possible to detect if someone is sending unsolicited texts to your phone. It works by sending you the following notification, which is displayed to you every 1 second:

How is it done? I just use Pusher to trigger Pusher:

On the page where the notification is displayed, I simply add a GET request to a specific endpoint on Pusher:

So what is it used for? To test if someone is sending text messages on your phone, all I had to do was send the message as a plain text:

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The New York Knicks are trying to keep the playoffs alive and will give anything to win it. The Atlanta Hawks are trying to go back-to-back, but could still miss the playoffs. The Washington Wizards were outscored 41-17 in the first half of their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What do the playoff implications mean in each of these sports? Here’s a look at how each team currently compares.


My first card game. I am currently 3 years in. The rules are simple, but there are many situations to take into account such as, a lot of dice rolling, or some situations that will involve rolling some pretty dice. There are 6 possible endings and a way to win the game. To take a break from my normal day job, I have an amazing opportunity to take an interest in this game, so I am ready to roll some dice and help make one of the coolest cards game of all time.

In a world where magic exists, a little girl, named Saphira, wants nothing more than to find her sister, Saphira was taken from her by bandits. In order to find Saphira she must travel through dungeons, hunt monsters and collect the gold pieces that are the only way to get her back.

But the rules are still simple, don’t worry I have created a deck of 40 cards to help make the experience fun! All the monsters and treasures that the girl comes across will bring her closer to winning the game, which means you better have some dice to play with!

If we can raise the funds to be able to

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