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Why would a person be wearing the clothes they don’t want to wear on a picture? It can be a simple picture, but we also see people wearing things that are not appropriate for the image. Examples: wearing a t-shirt on a picture of a beach or a bra that is partially covered by a bathing suit on a picture of a pool. It is all very strange. What is the difference really about clothes that will be removed from a picture? How many people really want to remove their underwear or swimsuit from a picture? How many people do you think don’t want to swim in a pool? There are too many people in the world that don’t swim!

What are the most common reasons that people want to remove the clothes from a picture? Why is it bad that you can remove images if you want? If we remove our clothes from a picture we want to see ourselves, does it really matter that we cannot see ourselves in the image? When we remove our clothes from a picture we’re not leaving our bodies or our private parts exposed to our audience. If this is the case, it’s bad that we want to see our body.

When we pull out our clothes from a picture we’re going to see a different image. Who needs that?

Does it really matter when we get naked that we’re able to look at our own body? The image is never just for us to look at. The photo, as we know is just a piece of celluloid. The photo may also be taken from somebody’s body and used for advertising. People make money off of this. As a result, our clothes may become objects that can be thrown away. We are not able to change our body. Our clothes will eventually get old and faded and may need to be thrown out. So what do the people who make money out of images do with them? There is no reason to remove our clothes from pictures.

I didn’t mean to say that people don’t want to see their bodies when they pull out those clothes.

We are looking at ourselves and we take notice when we see the way the skin and muscles look. We feel proud of it. When we’re in front of the mirror we do know how our body looks. What we cannot be doing is looking at other people as objects. We don’t want to see other people as just another piece of celluloid to be thrown away.

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