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There are two distinct edits:

1. The “re-editing” stage. In this edit the main elements of the original story are re-organized. An “editor’s cut” is another common way of reorganizing the story, but is much more likely to affect the whole plot. It is a type of “realignment” that gives characters a much more cohesive feel to your story.

2. The “redrawing” stage. In this edit the main elements of the original story are redrawn for clarity or for better representation. Generally for the “redrawing” stage the story is re-read or re-edited in order to ensure that all the story’s important scenes come before and after the story’s key events.

Can you get back the original text?

In fact, you may be able to, particularly if you use an extensive and exhaustive text retelling, as we have already done here, but it doesn’t always work out. You need to be able to read the text on the page and then reinterpret it to fill in gaps between the paragraphs.

“So you can reinterpret it, even though the text itself isn’t necessarily present?”

That’s correct, and to make it easy, we have created the following text re-solution for both “readback” and “re-editing” to help you re-read and interpret the text properly.

How to do a “readback”

Just click on the “Readback” button at the bottom of the page and look for a page that takes you back to a point that was part of the story but missing from the original text. Here you can re-read passages that are un-familiar to you, as you’d find in a textbook or other text re-solution.

How to do an “re-edit”

If you only have time to read these options, try to see if you can get something to match the original story’s structure.

The original text will be restored as you see it, along with all its important details and references. When a chapter ends, you will find the original text in a new tab/window.

This is particularly useful if you have many stories; a story may have very similar structure to many others. It’s better to focus on re-reading one chapter instead of re-writing multiple stories.

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Can you get back the original text?

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