What are different types of editing? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Photoshop Free

Different editing comes in different forms.

Elements (Text/Images): One type of editing that you cannot edit in the browser, but must use the app to edit.

Images: This type of editing is more powerful and easy to work with, but editing images can be very tricky if you have never edited them. When you’re editing image elements, only the image is rendered (not their background in the image editor), not the background of the image/text.

Text: This type of editing allows you to modify your text without the presence of an app. When editing text elements, you can delete lines, add lines, delete cells, remove lines, copy text. Note: You can only change text for those characters you type, including punctuation marks. The app does not display these characters. Your text will not appear in the app.

Text/Images: When you are editing text and images, the app shows you the editable part of your text. Note: While editing images, editing text is much easier.

Text/Images (Text/Text): When you are editing text and images, the app does not show you the editable part of your text. You must use the app to edit it. In the app, you are able to edit, copy, and use your text. Note: you can copy only on lines that you type. Your text will not appear in the editable part of your text. Instead you will see a button which lets you change your text. There are limitations, but this is the best way to edit text.

Elements and Text

Elements in Google Documents (GDR) are grouped into 2 categories: text in text, and elements in text. Elements in text are not copied between documents. The best way to edit text in text is to use the app to copy your text and change the text. Elements in text are easy and intuitive to work with.

The elements in text type in a single line. When you select an element in the text, it will have a space in front of it. This keeps text elements separate for editing.

Image Elements

Image elements are like elements in text and images. You can only edit them with the app, when using the app you will see an icon to edit the image. To do this in the GDR, click Edit on the image/element. The app will display what element it is as shown in the picture.


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