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Any time you have your video edited, you get the chance to include things that the camera doesn’t have the ability to capture. A lot of times, this is an easy fix, and the editing of a picture is really hard. Some of the things I might include are things like adding subtitles, adding the sound, adding the video, etc.

Can I post a link to the edited version online?

All of the edits have to be posted on YouTube (though if you want to post it yourself, I can see if you did it before I give a “cancelled” warning).

To use the link, you do have to be logged in when I’m watching the video.

Is it the right to edit my work out of context?

Yes, when editing, you cannot remove things from the context. If you remove something from context, it’s probably not your work.

If there was any lingering doubt, the final moments of the first period should put the matter right.

After a power play goal from the Maple Leafs, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby took a shot and it caromed off of Pittsburgh’s Josh Archibald’s skate and in.

That had the Penguins in the driver’s seat.

But then something special happened.

Crosby made a play on home ice, got away from a penalty and scored. Not only that — but this one went a little something like this:

And then the fans in the stands were screaming it all the way back to the Penguins’ bench.

At that point, you knew you were talking about something special.

This is the kind of play that can elevate a game and make it special.

The Pens took a 2-0 lead on a goal from Jussi Jokinen, but it seemed like it would be a game-tying goal with 30 seconds left because of a Penguins’ penalty.

This happened:

When I talk about “the culture of the game,” I’m referring to the atmosphere of an organization from the moment a player begins to compete to the moment the player wins a championship.

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culture of the game is what separates the greats from the greats. You could say it’s the atmosphere from players like Tony Gwynn, Roger Craig, Jim Valvano, Ray Clouser and Davey O’Brien to the early days of Jim Nantz and the rest of the broadcasting team.

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