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How can I add an article to my wiki?

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How can I do an encyclopedia page for the wiki I created?

To do a wiki page, a user need to go through this process for:

We believe there is so much more to our community than what exists right now and that’s why our volunteers are available 24/7 to help. Our volunteers are there to support your events and meet new people, while your fundraising efforts take place.

Facing the possibility of their fourth straight year of having to wait until September to get their next pick after the league’s new labor agreement expired on Sunday, the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres made a blockbuster trade on Tuesday. Not only will the Nats get top outfielder Stephen Drew (a right-handed hitter who can hit for enough power to be dangerous at third), they’re getting the Padres’ pick for lefty starter Jesse Hahn.

Hahn was already in the Nationals’ organization before they traded for him in early 2013, and he went on to become a solid contributor in 2013 and 2015 before falling into a slump last year. However, the 27-year-old lefty hasn’t spent the whole year in the Nationals system, and he figures to come in handy in their second year under new manager Dusty Baker.

The Nats had a slew of lefty starters to choose from, namely Carlos Martinez, Danny Hultzen, Aroldis Chapman, James Paxton and Doug Fister. But Hahn, 29, could still be a nice addition, and he’ll likely have an impact in the first inning if he’s even a reliever (he threw two no-decisions in his last two starts).

The Padres, meanwhile, have their rotation of righties, Jose Peraza, James Shields and Jedd Gyorko, all of whom were in the majors when the trade was made. Peraza and Gyorko figure to take a swing in the second year of the duo, but one is likely to be a starter while the other will be more of a reliever. As for Hahn, the Padres are getting back an experienced veteran with a track record of success, and they get the guy they need to play left field (though this trade probably means less pitching depth for them than the Nationals were hoping for). The Nats will get Drew, an All-Star candidate with a big bat, a strong arm and some pop, while the Padres are getting Gyorko

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