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In the beginning I would get my mind off the story entirely. I would go find something interesting that was happening in other people’s stories – and I was like, ‘Oh, what about something about my family?'”

I was also really fascinated by the way women felt about the world, and the way the sexes worked together – they were a part of the story I was building.

So in a sense, from the beginning as a writer, I was building something that was about those other things in my life.

That also gave me a lot of freedom to go back and rewrite some of the older material because it was about those other things in my life.

In the end, it was me trying to write about my own experience as a writer and my own family and my own relationships with people, and that really allowed me to get better at doing that.

The first step in my writing process was being able to tell a good story – like it was a personal narrative that would give me closure and meaning to my own experiences.

“You should write a story about this other person”

Once I had that, then the next step was being able to tell a story that is atypical.

Some of the stuff I’m writing now has a lot of elements, but it’s one I can do in a short time period. So I can get things quickly done.

What’s the next step, after the first five steps have been taken?

I wrote the second section of the book – for the final section, I was like, ‘What if I write the story about myself as a writer?’

So I started writing about that and got it all written up in a matter of three days.

It was tough writing it, but it was worth the work, that’s for sure.”

It’s a funny thing that you’ve been able to have your own life story and go from first person in a narrative to writing about yourself in terms of the relationship to a larger story. So does that really make it more of the same story or do you have your own experiences and experiences that are more of a part of your own personal reality?

That’s a great question.

There’s so much in my life now, so much that I’m trying to understand that I can get some clarity from writing as if I’m trying to understand who I am now.

Then I have all these other different things going

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