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For example, if someone asks me on Twitter what editing is, I can answer that it’s a lot about making good decisions in a quick time.
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What made you decide that you wanted to start your own podcast?

I have been editing this blog and YouTube channel for quite a while, but I originally didn’t want to do it full-time. I think I would be doing a disservice to myself and the people who have contributed to it. I have always loved making stuff, and there’s always been a place in my heart for it, but it’s been a different journey than what I was used to, and when all those years of work come back to haunt you, you just get really discouraged. So I decided that I wanted to start making content, and I’ve made a lot of it. There’s quite a lot of time now that I’m not producing the material myself, and that has made me a bit more relaxed about what I do and how I approach it…

Was it difficult to get on board and give your own perspective on the show that has become part of your identity?

The show has its own identity – it is one thing entirely – but as I said, a lot of it came from the need to figure out what a podcast can achieve. It’s really easy to be self-congratulatory to say it’s better than any other in its class, but I think I’m fairly modest in stating it was actually more difficult.

How long have you known Mark and how did you get involved?

I knew Mark before getting the job and knew him before I found the show. I’d been following him since the mid-1990s, so it was very clear going in that I wanted to do it myself, in some fashion. I had a few conversations over the phone in 2009. I asked him if he would be interested in contributing to some sort of an interview series, and he’s been such a fantastic partner to me along the way.

Are you more concerned with the quality of your work or with the success itself?

I think you’re very lucky if you have both those things, because you are always taking care of both. That gives you a lot of control in the sense that you don’t worry so much about which of these things will come out right.

You’ve become something of an ambassador for the podcast world as a whole (even if you’re not a podcast producer). What’s your take on the state

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