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In the edit, you must have a complete idea or idea/story about the character, a story telling sequence (one of the three main ideas), and the scene. You then must edit the sequence into three parts: the story, the character, and the scene.

In other words, you must complete the edit (from start to finish) before you can think of anything else.

The story

In this part of the project, the editor’s job is to get you to understand what’s happening in the story. This may help develop your idea (if it’s original and interesting), but you may also discover other parts that you don’t understand. That’s why the editor may ask about some details, but they must never change facts, dialogue, or anything you already know. You are a complete story of your own.

The character and the scene

By now, you must have your idea. The most important part is to give a plot. A story telling sequence is the story about the character. The editor’s job is to explain it.

But you know you already know almost everything you need now, so the editor’s job can now become a little “deeper.” If you need to say: “Wait, did I do that? Why did it change here?” The editor is your character and your plot-developer, and he’ll say: “I’ll get back to you.”

(In the beginning, that might be painful. They don’t give you much freedom, and it’s always a problem when your idea won’t fit perfectly. So, when they can get down to the plot, you probably have to take their advice.)

In this part of editing, the editor will:

Introduce the character, give names and describe their personality and motives.

Identify the main action. Give the scene and its beginning and its middle.

Explain how the character and the scene will develop. This might have a lot to do with the theme of the project.

Discuss ways to increase the urgency of the scene.
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The editor’s job is to make sure you understand the theme of the story. This usually means they will have you read more story, or talk about a film where the main character had some secret mission. A more serious plot might be explained in some detail.

But they are not going to tell you how to create the best possible scene or scene changes. They know you already know

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