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We’ve all become a big fan of the Internet recently, and the sheer amount of information is astounding. And it’s amazing how much can be said with simple information search. So as a company we want to make it as simple as possible to find information in the world around you.

That’s why the website has been built like a big social network:

The platform doesn’t just offer information: it delivers them to you in an aggregated form with links to each article. This means you’ve still got information from multiple sources. However, the new version will also give you the ability to create and share your own reports.

You can use the platform on mobile too.

As the web is a platform for getting information, the platform is also a platform for getting ideas. In our early days we started as a social media platform – we created a social network and created some content to share. And in the end we created a lot of content, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy our users.

When it comes to sharing content now we want to make it as easy as possible. The platform should provide the right information, and it should provide it in the best possible way.

How do you plan to monetize?

Because many media companies are only willing to sell ads, and it’s expensive to acquire large audiences, we want to provide our content in an alternative way. We are the biggest platform for aggregating news.

We aren’t a monetizing platform, but instead we use our platform to showcase content written by our users. We are in no way affiliated with one company. Our goal is not to take money from our users, but to create something that can grow organically to the extent that it becomes a sustainable business.

We are going to launch our ad network in 2014. We want users to be able to purchase our service in a way that is comparable with traditional advertising. That’s what our current users are telling us, and they believe that is very important to their experience with the product. They would like us to monetize our platform by offering the most relevant content within a way that our users can pay in a way that they are happy with.

We’re open to all types of revenue possibilities, but right now we don’t offer specific pricing and would like the opportunity to create interesting opportunities for our users.

It looks like Google has finally decided to launch an Android app on Android TV. The app was first announced back at Google

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