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1. Editing can be considered as a series of steps of taking a sequence of frames, extracting the important information at each step, adding some colors and contrast, and trimming, adjusting, and finishing, etc. There are a lot of variations of editing in a movie or series that can produce very different results depending on the level of editing. The “film editor” in particular works with multiple cameras, so each person will edit differently. Some people will edit as close as they can to the original. Some people will edit closer to the original or as close as possible. Others will edit as close as possible to the original – but with very slight differences by color and contrast. These editors work much like visual effects artists, and have very specific ideas.

2. The key to good editing is knowing how to edit at the level of the scene being edited and where most of the action needs to get to. Many times, a director will cut the scene and then add a bunch of “cutaways” to it (like a quick zoom/jittery pan or reverse zoom of a face). That is great. The director is clearly happy with his edit, the footage fits the set, the shot is interesting, and the sequence is the most logical part of the movie. The director’s job is to make another edit of the scene. If you find footage of a scene not being edited correctly to make the director happy, or the director has some very specific ideas about the sequence – then you can probably make your own edit of the scene (which is usually better). On the other hand, if the director is very satisfied with the scene and you make your own edit of the scene that fits his ideas – then you’re really onto something. You may have a shot of a scene that the director wanted but not quite realized it. That shot doesn’t fit anywhere else in the entire picture – but as you get more information and knowledge with your editing – you’ll find yourself getting closer to that idea.

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3. Now comes the hard part – how to know when you are on the right track. This often comes down to what other people are saying and what you hear from them (and this can be very difficult). In an editing room (or editing board), you’ll often hear the director say, “Wow. Awesome. You guys nailed it.” You’ll also hear that the director doesn’t like it, or he is sure he hates it, or that it’s too dark and he doesn’t like that, or

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