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“The old editing style is called ‘cut-and-pasted,'” says Ries. “This style was a lot slower [than our new editing style], which is called ‘smart editing.’ Most of my editing is for YouTube videos.”

These cut-and-pasted videos use a technique called Smart Insertion, also known as TILing. This technique lets you edit and insert multiple sections and video segments into one video at the same time — all done in real-time while the whole video is watched. The old style of editing was slow, so if an editing mistake is made the rest of the video needs to be rewritten with a lot of editing time.

With smart insertions, each segment works automatically and the only way to actually change and edit a video is to go to the main menu, select individual video segments and click Insert. This takes only a few seconds and has a far, far better edit than the old edit style.
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Smart Insertion doesn’t work on video clips with more than one video segment.

The way YouTube handles embedded videos is based on the way YouTube handles embedded videos on pages. When you add a video to a page via embed, it takes up a whole page — on your screen. The problem with this, of course, is that you’ve got to have a lot more than one video at once in every video you embed.

With smart insertions, you can add up to four videos at once and the site will take care of embedding all of them. You can even add an entire web page or site as a single video.

It can get a little awkward to do it that way, though. When you add a YouTube video you have to wait for YouTube to download and then place the video on the site. It uses a technique called “YouTube Loads,” which is similar to how it handles embedded videos on page and other pages.

“In this case, YouTube is doing it automatically, so there is nothing to it,” Ries says. “YouTube loads it automatically.”

But when there’s more than one video on a page, you have to wait a few seconds before YouTube loads the video on the page. A lot of times you can imagine that the time to loading a video gets shortened by hundreds — maybe thousands of milliseconds on mobile phones.

The reason YouTube calls it “Loads” rather than “Video” is because YouTube thinks that “Load” means “Video is waiting to be displayed

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