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Why don’t you take Lightroom’s proprietary Lightroom Elements software or use a different software? The primary reason is that Lightroom’s user interface is more complex than that of Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom Elements is a standalone application and includes extensive features. Although I haven’t used it, I know it can be quite helpful in many situations; Lightroom is also an excellent alternative to Premiere in some cases.

With so many different cameras and lenses, a good Lightroom workflow is essential for every photographer. For that reason, a workflow consisting solely of Lightroom Elements is not optimal for me. Some photographers need some specific features in their workflow. If you know of a workflow that you use regularly, please share it!

Where do I find Lightroom Elements and when will it be available?

Lightroom Elements is available for purchase today on the Adobe website. I can’t vouch for the availability of the software during certain times of the year, but I encourage all Adobe Lightroom photographers to use their purchased versions of the software.

How do I install Lightroom Elements?

Installing Lightroom Elements on your Mac is very straightforward compared to installing Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom plugin. I strongly recommend opening Lightroom and clicking the “install” button to get started. This process will install Lightroom Elements as a separate application in Mac OS X to facilitate the installation.

Once installed, you should launch the Lightroom Elements application and follow the instructions. You should see the following window that allows you to customize many of the defaults:

The default preferences include a few important defaults; these should be changed to suit your workflow.

Open the “Appearance & Settings” pane

In the “Appearance & Settings” pane, scroll down to the “General” tab in the left side. You should see a selection of preset filters and tools, click the “Add New Filter” button.

Choose the “Standard Color” preset.

The default options for this preset are fine, but they do little to help you achieve the desired look when using the application.

Choose “Highlighting”

The “Standard Color” preset gives you the exact same look, except it will highlight the details of the image you are viewing.

Choose the “Highlighting” preset.

You can also use Lightroom Elements’ “Preset” window to adjust the settings and colors.

You may want to use the “Enhance” preset that appears in the

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