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Before I began doing this, I had only just got the camera working, but I had used photoshop and digital images a lot and so was familiar with Photoshop. One of my clients just pointed to my work and gave me the go ahead. I didn’t know anything about editing and I had no photos of the final result to reference. I was a new editor at the time, but quickly realised I should have taken a lot of photographs to see if I could add any editing on top of it. That day I got into the mood and began working on various things.

One day I decided to make a couple of modifications to my images. One was to remove the background and add a white background. At the same time I used Photoshop to add a few bits to the background (I had no experience with it and was pretty ignorant at that point), just for fun. I also started to think about colour grading. That turned out to be rather a slow process and took a long time to get right. There were many times I’d see an image and I’d work on it for quite a while and I couldn’t really find anything different to it. So my main goal was always to get that exact shot in my mind.

I also made some changes to the colour of some things in some images, such as the blue skies in the first photo above. I used a white background in that shot and made sure it was not blurred, making it look real and natural.
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There are a lot of things you can do to edit photos. If you do your research, find a good editor and get them to help you with it. You can usually try to get it perfect with Photoshop, but there are good alternatives around. My favourite is photoshop gradients and the Layers Panel. If you have an idea of the look you want and are looking for references you can find them in many places online. One good place where you can find a lot, is Photomatix. They have lots of tutorials and are great for beginners. There’s also many other options online that offer very different editing styles.

Why do I use photoshop?

I usually take a photo of myself, sometimes taking a couple of pictures and then using one or two of those. Then I use photoshop to do various adjustments such as adding a black layer and adjusting the colour in the foreground, changing the tone and creating other effects such as glow, diffraction, strobing and gradients. Then I usually

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