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The simplest solution (and the best for most people) is by using photo software like Lightroom. This is the most widely used, and it will edit your photographs to a point where you’ll not want to go back to Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop and edit from scratch, and it even makes for a fantastic image background for photos, and also for web projects and other promotional content. Of course there are more sophisticated tools such as the Photoshop Lightroom Advanced Pack and similar Photoshop plugins or extensions, which are better suited for the professional photographer, who needs a good base of editing to go on with other editing and styling tasks. You’ll often notice that the price of one of these tools can be a little on the high side, but you probably won’t be regretting it.

Can I use the photo editing tools in Lightroom on a computer monitor, or a laptop?

For those photographers with a large monitor, you may well find that Lightroom works extremely well on your large screen because it’s so well integrated into Photoshop (and probably Photoshop Elements on Windows). While you can have Lightroom on a desktop computer and still be able to edit image files, this is extremely limiting. Your original photos can come back, and you can edit them to perfection, or just be happy with the result of Lightroom. The best way to be able to edit in Adobe Lightroom is to use a full resolution monitor in real-time. This means that you’ll have every single image you take on the monitor, whether in Lightroom or not, and not have to worry about image quality issues.

I don’t have a good monitor, am I still going to use Lightroom?!

It’s not just about the fact that you don’t have a monitor. If you don’t have a monitor that can provide the pixel-perfect image in a window on a screen, then you’re not going to have the full power of your computer when editing in Lightroom, and you’ll probably not be able to get the same level of polish you will after shooting with other editing software.

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What do I want in a photo edit?

There are a good number of factors that will affect what you want in a photo edit, and that can vary greatly depending on your individual personal style. That being said, there are five types of edit that I think photographers in the UK enjoy a great deal. They are:

1) Photos for branding: If you’re shooting for a brand, like a

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