What do professionals use to edit photos? – Importance Of Photo Editing

A photo editor would usually be used to clean up photo after photo. It can be used to replace photos, crop out areas that are cropped out, rotate around the picture, crop in the area that was cropped out, merge images, add a special effects like a lens blur effect, or combine images that were already taken.

How many photos do you edit?

A pro editor would be used to work on around 300 different photos per month, but these numbers are not meant to be an exact figure…a pro editor might work on around 25 different photos per day. They would also work on more and more different parts of the photos every day, which creates an endless amount of work.

Where do you work?

Generally, professional photo assistants work in their home or office. It is the photographers best friend…how many times have you found yourself taking a photo in someone’s home that was just too busy? Or a professional edit assistant working in their studio, just for fun? What about when someone asks a professional for a quote on a photo and their answer was “that’s my desk”. Or when you ask a professional for a quote on an photo and they said “I’m in a hurry. I don’t know the time”. Or what about when you find yourself in their studio to do something that is really important to you? They are often asked to go to a location and take a picture. And when they finish, the moment is over and it is time to go home!

What do you do when you are home alone?
Google Picasa Free Photo Editing Program Tutorial - YouTube

Pro editors work long hours all day and sometimes work weekends or evenings…how much time have you wasted taking a photo in your home and having nobody there with you? And sometimes these photos are not the best ones to use when trying a creative photo. Professional edit assistants come to edit these photo. They will usually go home and have a break from the pictures. Or when they do finish all the images, they take them back to the edit and add special effects.

What happens when you are not at home?

Professional editors can find work around the world (and sometimes even be working on photos in other countries), or they may be a part of a company or a group like professionals who need to edit a lot of photos. It is important to keep in mind though, that many of the photo editors work for a client or company and they have no contact with you, so if anything happens and they feel sorry that you are going

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