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If YouTubers edit a video more than once and choose to save the editing video to the YouTuber’s account, please click here.

Why are the results confusing?

Results based on the most popular videos from YouTubers. This is why many YouTubers upload multiple versions of the same video, which we consider a duplicate video. This happens because the number of people who watch the same video is small and the videos are all saved.

Why don’t YouTube Red subscribers see ads for the original?

Ads on YouTubers’ channel pages have been disabled. YouTube Red videos do no have to be on YouTube Red to offer you access to the premium video features. It’s entirely up to you. However, our ads will be shown on popular YouTube Red and YouTuber channels, which makes it easier for users to choose one or the other. To make this the most useful for you, we have also disabled the Google Play Store Ads.

Why won’t YouTube Red offer you the original version?

Although your video has a higher rank, it will never appear on a channel without the ads.

It’s entirely up to YouTubers if/how to submit a video. They can choose whether or not they want to have the YouTube Red video featured on their channel. A YouTube Red channel does not have to have been created by YouTubers.

How can I check if I have a YouTube Red subscribers account?

Go to YouTube Red’s channel management page. Scroll down and check the “is it me?” box.

How do I make sure I have a YouTube Red subscribers account?

Go to YouTube Red’s channel management page. Scroll down and check the “my videos” box.

I have a paid subscription to YouTube Red, can YouTube Red still offer me access to the premium video features?


I have a regular Subscription to YouTube, can I still get access to all of the premium video features?


Why are there no YouTube red buttons?

YouTube Red is an “all you can watch” service. All videos from YouTube Red will be available on the YouTube Red channel page. YouTube Red does not offer an app, channel, or app store widget.

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