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Ethics photography is the use of a camera and a camera lens for ethical purposes.

Why do you make ethics photos?

I was a child during the Vietnam War. I had a good friend in the army named David Fuchs. He is an American hero in the way he served in Vietnam. His mother was a survivor of the Holocaust so he has been to some of the darkest spots in human history. We talked about ethics when I started shooting for the series of photographs I did for the first time.

He reminded me of how important it is to always put others out of our minds. I knew that if I just had him out of my mind so that I could see things clearly, then I wouldn’t have suffered those traumatic times so terribly. It’s how I deal with death.

When we talk about the ethical practices or rules of shooting, the ones that I think are most useful are:

Never show suffering

Always show suffering without commentary

Never show death

Always show death without commentary

Never shoot the death

Never use body parts

Never allow yourself to be exploited for the sake of making art. That’s a dangerous practice. Just because you’re in a group and have a group of people around you shooting you, doesn’t mean everybody feels happy. That’s not necessarily a problem. What’s important is to recognize that everyone’s happy with the whole group, but it has to be balanced with the fact that it was just the two of you with the camera. I think that everybody should try to be honest and balanced so that the group can get a good picture. If there are too many people and they’re getting too emotional, that might be too much and that might upset the whole group.

The same thing applies to life in general. I just don’t think that you have to have a reason to kill somebody. I feel like if you’re not killing, you’re not living!

We all want to be in good ways. I can see how shooting someone being hurt or scared or angry might be hurtful to someone else. But that’s not why I shoot. I don’t kill people.

What will your next project be about?

I’m always shooting, I can’t let anybody get to me. That’s what keeps me going. I don’t want to be a drone. My next project is going to be about a soldier shot down trying to escape the battlefield and about a bunch of

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