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When does a photo get deleted? Who deletes it?

I’ve been following your page for quite a while now, I am a fan of your work and was wondering how you came up with the idea that a photo gets deleted when it is not used within the first month of the photograph being taken. I am particularly curious to know which photos get deleted. Thank you. Reply Delete
Hi AlizĂ©, the reason a photo becomes deleted is that it has been taken for more than a month and hence in that sense it becomes “lost.” When the image is shared or uploaded (for example, on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter), then it becomes a new photo and therefore you can no longer delete the original. So your question is correct. Reply Delete
Hi, I’ve started using Snapchat to share pictures of my friends with my friends. However, when I look back over the last few days, I see that other snaps I had taken have disappeared. I know there must have been a change in the photo’s algorithm, because if that were not the case, then there should be many more snaps of my friends that were left up. Does anyone know the best way to see if this was a mistake from Snapchat’s part? Thanks, Emily. Reply Delete
Hi Eri, I don’t know what happens after the 2-3 seconds in which the images are saved. Some people have reported that their images get replaced when they get deleted, so that seems to be how it works I just checked it for my friend to see if there’s some kind of algorithm to remove my friends images, and there is not. I’ve got her uploaded and it’s showing now, along with the names of the people she’s sent with the clip. Sorry if this is not the way it works, but it was something I was curious about so I looked it up. Thanks!! Delete
So apparently people get deleted from Snapchat when they don’t respond to friends’ messages? Seems kind of silly. Reply Delete

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