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In addition to these basic tips, we’ve collected a list of some other tools that are especially popular with video producers – tools we’ve seen in production, editing and marketing departments from various departments throughout the video industry.

1. Avid Media Composer

Video editing software by Avid, this powerful software is probably the most used video editor of all. Avid’s editors are the ones who take out the heavy lifting to turn a raw file into something that looks like anything from a feature movie. The software works on high-definition cameras, and is capable of doing anything from cutting video from a DVD to high-definition movies on Blu-ray. With its comprehensive toolset, you’re able to do so much. Check the below freebies below to find out more about Avid Media Composer.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

The free tools included on this page are designed to work with Premiere Pro, the free media creation software. The editing tools include image manipulation, video stitching, video editing and effects. Check out our video editing tips article for tips on using Premiere Pro to make awesome videos.

3. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X has some of the most robust editing tools available. This software includes numerous plug-ins and plugins to assist with video editing and you can have a variety of color schemes. While you won’t find many free and simple plug-ins at this link, you should be sure to check out Adobe’s free tools for more than just simple text editing. If you’d

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