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a proofreader:

does all the words in the paper have to be exact or could a typo be spotted when reviewing?

copies editors:

can insert a spelling correction or insert a sentence that didn’t flow well?

How do you deal with a copy editor who is not a copywriter?
Kerning, Spacing, and Other Text Tricks in Inkscape

a copyeditor:

when writing an article, doesn’t want to overuse a word or word combination?

why is a copy editor allowed to do this?

what is the appropriate way to deal with someone who isn’t a lawyer?

what is your standard when working with editors that lack a legal background?

The most important point:

If your editor can’t write the article or is being a jerk to you in the process, you need to make an example of them that speaks for itself, and you will never work with them again.

That means never letting your editor sign your contracts, ever, ever giving up your editing rights, or, in the case of a lawyer, making the lawyer write the article that you had agreed to.

I hope that gives you guys an idea of my experience working with publishers, as well as some of the situations that I came across.

If you find any more situations that you might be facing in your own life, do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

I hope that I was able to help with this article, especially for those who would also like to learn more about the rights of authors as well.

Feel free to leave any comments below about anything you might have been struggling with as well!

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