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First, a quick disclaimer that I use the terms line editing or copyediting interchangeably without any sense of judgment in the case of people with a certain level of expertise.

Both can be done in-camera: the difference between line editing and copy editing is that line editing is a more manual process.

Line editing is a very important stage as, once something is correctly aligned on a shot, it needs to look good. Line editing can require more editing than a copyediting job, especially if the shot has multiple elements.

The best way to learn the skill of line editing is to do a tutorial as I did for this blog post.

As a matter of fact, the only person who does good tutorials on this subject – and who usually also does not need an introduction – is the legendary Paul Farmer, the one and only master of line editing. He makes the most powerful videos in the game on YouTube and has done hundreds of tutorials on his YouTube Channel.

So, you’re ready to learn the craft:

What is a line edit?
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A line edit is, by definition, when you take an already defined image and align it to a set of requirements. A line edit in this case is done by using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or other editing software to apply a line with no limits, not even any set of constraints.

It’s like the difference between taking an image with a certain distance between all the elements and drawing lines with a limited size.

In other words, a line edit means the same as line editing. You just need to use different tools.

Here’s a basic example of what a line edit looks like.

Notice the way he aligns the elements in the image as well as the positioning of the elements (i.e. it looks perfect) as well as the shape and size of the elements.

Is line editing that easy?

No! Line editing is much more involved and complex. It’s a skills-based skill that requires specific tools and knowledge that is specific to the kind of work that you do. That means that most of my tutorials on line editing will be from a background in digital photography.

And not only that, but it’s really fun to learn the process and practice doing this in an environment with a small group of experts.

It’s not so easy to learn how to do a line edit, but I’ll give you my approach and let you try it

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