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When you create a photo you decide, whether you want to do some retouching or make some adjustments, to make it more appealing to the viewers. To apply colors to make a photo look more beautiful or to make your eyes look prettier. In both photoshop and lightroom they work differently, but both are quite good tools, for some people.

Both photos will give you a photo that looks much better than the current photo, but you will be limited with the choice. With photoshop the choices you make are few. With lightroom you make a lot of choices, so you need to remember which you want to work on, what you want to improve and which you don’t want to change.

There are other benefits to having photoshop, especially when there’s a good result. Photoshop has tools you use often for retouching. Lightroom has a lot of options for cropping pictures, making the colors more attractive, color correction, cropping photos and making them look prettier. However, if you need more control, like make the photos smaller size, using image editing features in photoshop are not really suitable for that.
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How do I make a portrait?

For many the choice of a portrait is quite simple – with the right lighting it looks attractive. However even though you can choose from the options in photoshop, we won’t take a photo in a portrait. The easiest image to make with photoshop is a portrait of a person with a subject, but it will not bring your portrait to life. In addition, there’s no question how beautiful this photo is, if you make an image of a person and put it on a computer, there has been no difference to the result. If you want to make a photo that people can understand and want to look at, you have to find something closer to a portrait.

So what to do?

Now you will be surprised about what to do when you need to use photoshop to make a photo better but you are not sure how to go about it. If you are working on portraits, you should do it in photoshop first, because there are lots of options, but also because if your photo works well in photoshop it will be easier to adjust later. For others, especially portraits that are made to be more personal, this is not a good idea and if you are the one producing it, you are using the wrong tool for the job – don’t do it.


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