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If you want to add your own photos to a social network, Flickr, Picasa or other image-hosting service, there is no better tool. With all the editing features this one is so easy it is like magic and I never find myself in trouble with my original photos or images ever.

I’ve been learning Photoshop for more than 15 years. Even when I was not using it, I still used Photoshop for everything else except the creative elements. When I was growing up, I got an old Samsung KNOX camera with an 8-megapixel, 1,040-dot, f/2.8 lens and an EOS Rebel T3 I bought it for under $100. That’s less than half the price of most of the commercial alternatives on the market. That was in the days when my budget was really limited. I didn’t have money for expensive cameras and I didn’t need professional editing. But thanks to the KNOX, I could add my own pictures from the internet to all my social networks and all of that was very painless!

I still do all my photography on the KNOX, though sometimes I make modifications there and try other Photoshop alternatives. I have a few favorites there, such as KONA (http://www.konakor.com) or my old favorite, Photomatix (http://www.photomatix.com).

So, I have an awesome Photoshop library that has been around longer than Photoshop itself…why not turn it into something for beginners that allows them to customize it to their liking?

Why do I love Photoshop when so so many other tools out there are “broken”?

It’s not just because I spent 15 years working with Photoshop. When I was new to Photoshop, other tools were often confusing, or I was unsure about the best way to go. In Photoshop’s case I found it very easy to pick up the different skills I needed to get the final result I want. It’s that simplicity of a process that I can really get excited about.

What’s so amazing about Photoshop that you don’t understand how awesome it is?

- Corel Discovery Center
Simple answer: it was never intended for a professional audience. It was intended to be a tool that a developer could easily use to add their own images into a web site or social network. Today, Photoshop is so powerful and so well designed that I can add my photographs or photos of other people to my social media sites anytime I

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