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I bought a copy of this book for my son’s fourth birthday when he was a toddler. I was immediately impressed by its clarity, and so it is one to add to the bookshelf. If you are reading this book when your child is young it is a perfect introduction. You will love it.

The primary goal of this book is to teach your child how important their body is, and how the natural way that we walk and sit is the wrong way to lead.

In particular, the body is the most important part of our physical self: it is the source of our energy, our vital force, and most of us are unaware of that. This book covers:

1. An overview of the basic human anatomy.

2. A visual walk-thru that will teach your child the difference between a straight line and a curve, and shows them the body’s movement and the muscles working on it: both conscious and unconscious.

3. How important the muscles are in controlling our body’s position (a key skill that we must teach to walk correctly), and they are made up of 3 different types:

– the “front” muscles: which control our shoulders, arms, and legs.

– the “back” muscles: which control our hips, waist, and hips.

– and the “behind” muscles: which control our elbows and hands.

– The story covers basic science on how the “front” muscles of the body work to hold the rest of us in place, and the “back” muscles of the body move our body into a “circular” position.

4. The story will teach your child to watch out when walking in a straight line, and make sure that he or she follows the path of a straight line.

The back and front muscles will help with balance, as will the muscles in the behind and behind behind.

5. A visual walk through to teach and demonstrate the muscles of the feet and the body, and the balance of a correct “sitting position”. The spine is held straight by the muscles around

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