What is the purpose of photo editing? – How To Use Photo Editor

Photo editing allows you to transform any photo into an artistic masterpiece. By applying certain powerful tools to your images, you can create art.

The following are some of the most useful photo editing tools you can use.

Camera Effects

The most straightforward photo editing tool is the photo effects option. Photoshop has over 200 different effects available, and they include:

Shadows. These include lightening shadows, adding depth, and more. These effects are often used for making images darker or lighter using color or a tone curve.

Transparent Gradients. These create gradients of color, or colors that are transparent. You can blend these to make one gradient color from another.

Blending Modes. This controls how light and dark items are blended together to make a finished effect. You can select the blending mode and set a minimum and maximum value.

The Effect is not a product of Photoshop, but it adds a certain element of fun.

Effects should only be used as a final image for final product, not as a part of the photo process. But if you choose to use this tool, make sure it works well and you have a good idea what to do with it after.

You can learn more about the most commonly used photo editing effects, what kind of effects work for specific projects, and how to create a great looking and edited photo and what the difference is between Lightroom and Photoshop’s effects.

Photography Process Examples

Many photographers work with various lighting options, from a lot of ambient light to intense lighting to pure white. Below are a few sample photographs showing different lighting conditions from one photographer.

To see more photos, take a look at Photography: How Does It Work?, or browse the slideshow below:

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