What is the purpose of photo editing? – Photo Editing For Beginners

Most photographers can agree that photos must be taken correctly to be meaningful. But there are few photographers who can agree on the purpose of photoshop, a creative application used by many. Some say it is to enhance photos and others say it was designed so you can make great pictures for Facebook and Instagram.

Why do some people Photoshop?

The purpose of Photoshop is more than simply sharpening images and making them look sharper – Photoshop is a system through which most of us can do so much. For example, Photoshop is an editing system through which one can control lighting, change the background (or “toning”) of a picture and much more. There is no one true reason why Photoshop users do this. Many people simply use it as a way to do everything that they can do through the camera.

Photoshop can also be used for some creative purposes, often without the need to know much about photography at all. Photoshop can be used to change your image or add to it to your own creative purpose.

There are few cameras with enough advanced capabilities to allow photographers to do much that is not a camera’s camera. In fact, there are very few cameras on the market. Photography is still in its infancy and some people are just more into photography than any other thing else.

Can Photoshop make photos better or worse?

Photoshop is powerful enough and versatile enough, but it is rarely helpful to the artist creating the work. There will always be times when Photoshop comes in handy, sometimes, but most often, the artist will still be making the picture from scratch. Photoshop is powerful, but it is just the tools of the trade we use, not the magic they are. The magic comes from the artist creating the piece from scratch from the drawings in the camera.

What is your Photoshop preference? Do you use Photoshop to enhance your works or to make them better?

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