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It’s probably easy to pick your favorite free editor for both Android and iOS. The iOS tools are simple and do a much better job than the Android version. The only thing that really makes the iOS version stand out is its ability to resize images before uploading. With that said, any of these work great!

The only caveat is you’ll need the free version to use them. They’ve already taken up my free space, so why pay for their $8 version? Here’s what I thought:

Editors (iOS)

I really thought there was only one Android editing app on the market, but boy was I wrong.

Editors is another one of those apps that’s easy to use in the most popular browser on the planet. It offers a few features to make this easier.

To begin with it makes it easy to resize images to fit your layout. It also lets users adjust the opacity of images that you do not want to upload to the gallery. And it even has a pretty powerful photo viewer and gallery editor that lets users create photo albums that you can upload to your gallery. There’s even a filter option you can use for just about any image.

Editors is available on the app store (search for android in the app listing).

Free photo editors (iOS)

When I search for “free photo editor,” I can’t help but go wild. There are basically two iOS editing tools.

Foursquare is easily my #1 choice for Android. Its clean, easy UI is very unique in the Android world. The app shows everyone that you’re active and can still get stuff done. On top of that, it also works on iOS.

If I need to make larger pictures, I find the smaller version of Foursquare to really be the best for quick editing. It has a few other features that make editing easier as well.

The app is available on the app store (search for iOS).

Note for OS X users: I found Google+ Photo Booth (OS X only) to be excellent on Macs. It works with different devices, including iPads and the MacBook Pro. It’s also been getting great reviews and so far I’ve been using it on both my Mac and iPhone/iPad. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t seem to work on phones or tablets as well (though this may change in the future). If you have Android and use Facebook, I highly recommend downloading

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