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How to make an iPhone app with iOS 7 and Swift

In this episode I’m going to share my journey with Apple at I/O and how I got my iPhone app developed and released under the name “iPodder”. I hope you find some of what I had to say interesting and useful.

I will also share a bit more about my background with learning iOS 7 from the start and how I went about learning to code. Lastly I’ll share my workflow and methods with the goal of making an app that will allow me to consume a large amount of content while using the iPhone’s powerful multitasking system.

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How To Make A Good Photo (Free)

By Jeff Siner

Have you gotten excited about the opportunity to start and promote a new photography industry? Have you gone out and looked for a business or business idea. Maybe you got the idea from someone or been approached by someone on the web asking if you would be interested in their product. Do you think you need to become a photographer or something?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then start thinking about becoming a photographer. If you are wondering how a photographer can survive as an artist, read on.

Why is it important to become a photographer?

If you need to know why why it is important to become a photographer, I would like to tell you a story.

I met a girl who loved the art of fine art photography and even though I was an amateur student, I was fascinated with her art as a young girl. So I thought, why isn’t anyone else doing this?

The problem with this story is she has never done photography professionally and has never taken an image herself.

At home or out on my patio one night she was looking for a painting

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