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Photography is a subject that is constantly evolving, especially in the digital age (there are more than 12.2 million people registered as photographers in Pakistan) and the knowledge of how to enhance images is increasing across both in the professional and amateur domains. While it is easy to edit images from scratch and import them into a library or import them from a website it isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to modify a photo and export it in different image formats and file formats (for example I’ve also seen photographers using Photoshop for manipulating their own images). Fortunately most of the editing platforms do give you a range of different filters for various purposes and that is why many people consider it an excellent way to learn. And even though I’ve been doing what I consider to be the best job in Pakistan in Pakistan Photographic Society, it isn’t always my favorite type of photography, so sometimes I come across images that I think could benefit from being tweaked or even adjusted.

Photographers often find themselves looking at images and thinking ‘What can I do to improve that?’ and this is particularly true when working with portraits that are often taken at the beginning of a relationship and they can’t take the time to figure out exactly what they want to improve in their images. And just like with photo editing, there’s no right or wrong way to approach it and no way to know what will or won’t improve your photo before you begin.

If you are a beginner to photographers and your aim is to work on your own portfolio, then I would recommend getting some assistance from some professional photographers for learning how to edit and work on your portfolios in a professional environment. You can contact photographers for helping you get started and finding out how they approach this sort of thing can vary between photographers and not all of them want to use their own editing platform such is the cost factor, so you might need a help from one of them if you want to find out what’s involved.

There are websites such as Shutterstock, PhotoDigger and others that offer help for learning how to edit photos and if you have access to those then I would recommend trying those out. They don’t only provide helpful tips but they have a range of editing tools and presets that you can use with Photoshop to help you improve your images.

Other websites such as the popular forum of photoblogger.net (now defunct) have similar types of editing tools and also offer some tutorials for how to use them. You can learn some editing tips with Photoshop (there is a separate

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