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If you don’t like either of these options, you might want to try one of these apps:

If you’re on Windows 10, and you’ve downloaded the Photoshop CC app, you can edit images directly across an Android or iOS device, or through Windows. (And you can even import a photo from an older version of Photoshop CC.)

For the photo-editing-only crowd (and for folks wondering what to use if they’re not on Windows), there are a few good apps that offer high-end image editing features:

Image caption The project to improve the rail network has been beset by delays for commuters

A key part of London’s Underground has been closed to the public for 10 weeks because of problems over the way it was designed.

Work to replace trains over the Central Line began on Thursday, three days after it finished a similar phase of work in 2008.

The Central Line route is the most congested in the capital.

Workers said it was now easier to keep the lines clear since the Central Line had been rebuilt.

The Central Line is the busiest Tube line between the London Docklands and the City of London, and it carries more than two million passengers each day.

It uses a system of tunnels and platform lifts with an upper and lower level.

But when there’s a rush, the upper level may not be up to capacity.

This meant that there was usually no room for passengers below ground.


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On Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police Service said the Central Line had reached peak capacity and trains had to stop running so drivers could go through “unmanned barriers” to prevent more people from falling.

The police said the Central Line route would be reopened to passengers by the end of the day on Wednesday.

But passengers said they would have to “get off” to go on and off. A spokesman for the company that runs the Central Line said he believed an “upgrading” of the layout of the lines could take at least two months.

‘Incredible’ delay

Image caption London mayor Boris Johnson has expressed concern over how the Central Line has been built

A police spokesman said: “All trains on this line had to be diverted to avoid a backlog and this is because of issues with the station.

“Some passengers have been advised to get off at Soho to travel on other train services.

“The Met

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