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The first thing to check is if you like the apps before switching one over. If so, switch them with ease. If you’re not entirely happy with how your photo looks, keep switching to another app if you feel the app is the best fit for your needs.

What’s your go-to image editing app?

If you’re editing photos with an iPhone or an iPad, you’ve likely already seen them all. If you’re shooting images for a website or for Instagram, however, you’ll have to get creative and make your own photos.

Image Editor is an easy to use free app for both iPhone and iPad that lets you customize every aspect of your photos. You can edit the color of your images, add your location to the camera roll and much more.

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PhotoBlend is another great app that allows you to customize every aspect of your photos. You need to choose your preferred editing app for the camera on your device. Once you’ve chosen one, click the “Edit” button to change all photo attributes. Some apps offer a number of editing apps like the excellent PhotoShop.

Image-Stacking is another app that can help with the color changes you may notice in photos. You can even import images as a background and change your background without leaving edit mode.

A great app to use with any of these is the iPhone Effects app. You can use these tools to create your own awesome effects like sky effects, star effects, stars changing and more!

What’s your pick for an overall photo editing app for the iPhone? Do you use any apps that are just plain awesome? Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these apps and what’s your favorite!

When we say “free” software, we mean it: we’re talking about freedom in the sense that the code is completely free, and we want everyone to use that code freely as they see fit, without any restrictions.

It’s also called “open source,” because it’s totally open — people can download a copy and start using it, and if anyone thinks they’re abusing the software, they can complain to the project’s maintainer and get their code reinstated, and then the maintainer can make new changes they think are needed, and people can check those changes and the history and add a new line to say “thanks for your feedback,” and the whole thing gets posted somewhere online and everyone can check it out.

There are various ways to get free

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