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  This has come up often in conversations with parents, especially when young parents want to teach their children how to play a certain instrument.  The most common and popular piano in the world, the Yamaha ES-335, can be over $250, with the price on one of the most popular models (the ES-105) going above $600.  This is a tremendous price tag, one that can be avoided with an inexpensive and portable (for now) Yamaha model that the little person (or parents) can use.  The basic Yamaha models have 3, or 6 strings.  The first three are the same as the “A” and “B” and the last four are the same as “C” and “D.”  They sound different, but they are all the same.  And, if you are buying a little girl and having her first piano lesson, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to learn the right chords for her, at least the simple chords.
For now I’m going to explain the basics of playing a piano.  In the future I’m going to show you how to do some exercises with the piano in the free online piano-exercises site (this site), and how to practice a bit more advanced scales.

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