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Can a 3 year old learn piano? No

No I cannot learn piano.

I cannot learn piano. I learned piano at home but never mastered it.

I learned piano at home but never mastered it. I learn piano. I can play it.

I can play it. I cannot learn piano

In fact I have no idea what that even means!

A good pianist knows how to play a note, but cannot easily tell if another is a different note or a different fingering or other characteristics that separate them! A great pianist knows these things, but can’t tell you for sure if anything is different than a note you know.

For most children, piano is like any other musical instrument – it is something you can learn and practice, but you cannot learn in one day. You learn the right thing in the right way, and use techniques to create the right sound with the right fingering.
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Now let’s say there are only 3 people in a class. You and 1 other person that was not very interested in pianos. You’re wondering how many times someone will be able to make a note on a piano to get an “aha”? This is the important question.

If we get an “aha” with 3, then there were 3 people in your class, that would be 3, and one of them had to be able to make a note right away. But what we get is an “aha” where no one of 3 heard/made a note while playing the piano. If we get a “aha” with only 1, than the 1 out of 3 did not hear/make a note so there was 1 out of 3 in your class and 3 people who did not even make a note in that class!

One can make a note if they’re doing their fingering right, but if they do the wrong thing with the chord or whatnot – no matter what the actual note, it still will fail on the piano. In essence, it looks like there are 1 out of 3 people in a class who can play a tune or a melody on a piano. You don’t know which of those 3 people actually made the note, just that one one out of 3 did something correct on the piano.

This is a little different from,

If we get an “aha” with only 1 out of 3, then there are only 1 person in the class that can make a note.

But then

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