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Can you be a pianist? The answer would be a resounding No. While some have had trouble with playing piano, most do, and no one has ever died because of it.

As you can see, being able to learn to read or play music should not be in the job description for someone who is an IT professional. That said, there are some job duties for those professions that do require some musical skills. The good news is that many of the jobs that require such abilities are not related to the IT field, and in some cases do not even require a college education.

As an example, computer programmers, while they may need years to accumulate skills they may not even need with the skills they acquire as they develop, do have a need to be able to read and play music.

To put it in perspective, a programmer can be required to read music while performing the coding tasks required for a computer program. There are plenty of jobs in the IT field that require an ability to read music. In the case of programmers, one is much more likely to be a jazz or classical player when performing the programming. Even if this is something they are good at, the computer programmer may need to study with other musicians as they hone their skills.

Another example would be a high school or college student studying music or a band, or a performer who needs musicians in their band or orchestra. If the student would be required to work at the school library, they would also be required to learn to write music. There are indeed some roles in the tech industry where an IT specialist may have an opportunity to become a musician, in part due to the high demand in those areas.

However, while there may be many jobs where an IT professional would be required to play music, that does not mean that there is not a need for individuals to learn and master the various musical instruments they are used to. While this includes piano, saxophone, oboe, cello, viola, flute, piano, guitar, bass, orchestra and solo violin, a great many can learn to play in music classes which will teach them how to read music and how to play on the instrument well.

When I think about how much talent there is out there for music, it is mind boggling. If not much, at least some of it can be obtained through music education courses.

There are some occupations that do require a high level of musical ability, and there are a few occupations

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