Can I learn piano 40? – Basic Piano Lessons For Beginners

While some of them can, it generally takes several years. Some of them will be difficult to learn and take quite some time, but they are there to serve the piano and it isn’t a skill that is easy to learn. The good news is that you do have time to learn it! I’m currently at the stage where I have some good levels of knowledge, and will be aiming to expand that, so I hope that my level of skill will increase quite a lot.

How long is the learning curve for piano?

It will vary, but the speed at which you learn is generally dependent on a number of things such as your physical and cognitive ability. Some people can learn to play at 60 minutes a day, whilst others need to learn for an hour per day, although everyone will need a different pace depending on their age and the type of piano they are playing.

Does anyone ever come to me to ask me a question about music, particularly piano playing? Are there online learning resources for pianists?

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Piano playing can be challenging, but many people still continue to do it. The most important thing is to enjoy it and not let it get to you. That’s why we organise weekly meetings and help people as much as we can.

What should I study for a career in music?

It depends. We’ve found that musicians tend to gravitate towards those areas most suited to their musical interests, but many also enjoy being independent and self-motivated so some of us might choose to study something with a focus on either performing or a professional career.

I’m a new pianist and my teacher has sent me to your website (for free) for advice. I’d be very interested in how you can help me. What do I look for in a good teacher?

A good teacher teaches the teacher. I think you should try looking for teachers who are actually good to talk to (and they should be available to speak with whenever they feel like it – see below for more information). You also should try making sure that they take you to other piano classes if needed, as there are some great ones that do this.

Do you offer courses at your own schools or online? Is there any particular programme you’d love to see?

Not at present, but we’re also considering getting something up on YouTube! There are no courses at GKP. Many of them are offered by other schools/programs and the classes are great,

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