Can I learn piano and guitar at the same time? – Keyboard To Learn Piano

Yes, if you have a guitar that you can play, just come to the piano or guitar lessons. If you can’t sing and play music for yourself, we can do a voice study session with you.

How much is the tuition?

It depends on what you love the most.

If you love writing, the tuition is $15 per class or $100 per month.

If you love performing, the tuition is $50 per class or $100 per month.

If you just like to sing and play the piano, the tuition is $10 per class or $100 per month.

If you just love living in the music community (singing, performing, playing guitar for others and making music), the tuition is $15 per class or $100 per month.

I need help buying the instruments

You may ask, how long is the audition for these instruments?

About 10 days. After 10 days you will be able to check if you may attend class on the other instruments.

If you are not sure about the instrument you want, we can help you design your dream musical instrument. The musical instrument, a piece of wood, is made out of many individual pieces, to create a beautiful instrument, the wood’s characteristics needs to be perfectly balanced, the right width and the thickness of the wood needs to match. Then, after you get all the pieces made, we would build and tune them.

What if I don’t meet the requirements to audition or I need additional materials and materials to practice?

If you have a particular instrument you would like to take the time to play, we may provide a practice room or you can come to the studio one day to audition, we can provide a practice room at the studio as well.

If all the requirements need to be met, you may schedule a time at the studio and we will show you the instrument we will build and we can teach you how to play the instrument.

If you have a guitar or bass, you will be able to play the instrument by yourself. The studio has equipment and computers that will help with the practice session.

If you don’t have time to wait for your audition or would like to learn from a professional music teacher, you will see the instructor a couple of times at the studio to improve your playing, practice and improve your guitar.

After that, you will be able to join our community.

How am I

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