Can I learn piano at 30? – Games To Help Kids Learn Piano Notes

Yes, I know this is a problem… and it’s not just in music… I have always been very conscious with learning music, even outside of music (which is amazing!!) I am really into writing. I have the best intentions to make it to 30, but I don’t make it happen the way anyone would… I’m a very introspective person, I am passionate about learning how and when I can, I am a perfectionist, I try to make every little mistake count, etc… I believe that it would be impossible for me to have the same perfection level as someone of a higher skill level than myself (if they have the same passion, passion is key, passion for learning is key and the only way to improve is to learn!) What it came down to is how much effort I was willing to put in, my motivation is what I need to be motivated to make it happen, but I did not know a difference between my passion and how I would make it happen, it was a very emotional moment where I realized how much passion I had for learning.

What are your goals for music at this age? My long term goal is to be a better musician in the future, because I know it would take alot of effort to become a better musician than me in the short period of time I have been playing music… I would like to play music regularly for several years, maybe even to the point where I can get better, and then continue learning and improving and continue learning and improving… The only way I can do that is to make music my entire life… I can’t do that with a career, it would never work. I would need to focus completely on my love for and passion for music, learning is just the starting point… the most important part, and I think my only goal is to be great!

What is your favorite memory involving music? When my mom played me this song with piano, I loved it so much, it made me cry and I thought I would never do again anything like this… I would not go back to that piano or sound that good again.

Who do you compare yourself to at this age? My favorite musician at the age of 30 is John Mayer, because John is an outstanding musician.

What music would you most like to hear at this age? My absolute favorite music at the age of 30 is Pink Floyd… The album is called The Endless River, and I would love to hear them one more time… My favorite song right now is

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