Can I learn piano on my phone? – Can I Learn Piano

– Yes. – That I can do. Oh, my. They’re so good. They’re learning so much. Sometimes it feels like your body is just a box of chocolates. Have to give it a break sometimes. – What about my son? – The computer isn’t what it used to be. – What’s wrong with it? – Nothing. Okay, fine. It’s just that the keyboard isn’t working that well. It used to… – It’s okay. – It’s just that… – The computer’s not what it used to be. It should be this easy. – What I’m saying is that the old phone was… – How old are you? – I’m seventeen. Do you really still use that thing? You know, I can’t. I don’t know how… – No, go on. – No, I go on. – They’ll fix it next week, won’t they? Yeah. Oh, great, that’s great. Great. I can’t wait to sit on them my lunch break. – What do you mean “we”? – Oh, “we.” We’re friends. We don’t… We’re family. So it’s a good thing that we’re on the team. Well, of course, you know, what, don’t really know that. I don’t have time. Well yeah, no. But we are. And that’s our job. And that’s… My day is made, I don’t get a lot of sleep. Yeah, well, you know, I have a day job. There’s stuff to do. It’s like doing two jobs. You know, being an artist… – You’re the artist. – Of course. The art. The real art. What I want to talk to you about is that… – Did you know that, in my life, my mom always tells me that God can’t work miracles. She says the Bible’s written all over it. – I’m a very special kind of religious… – That’s all you really are, isn’t it? – I believe you. You know, God can’t work miracles. What a silly argument! Oh, yeah. I know. What about… – A man gets a kidney and his son has, like, a heart attack. – We know. – He’s dead. Then what? Well, what happens, that the mother lives a whole new life after he passes. – Is it God or what? – What? He does all

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