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No! A musician should have some proficiency with a musical instrument before learning anything else. A piano is a fantastic tool for learning, but it is not a substitute for true musical ability.

How do I get into the jazz studio?

There are a few methods for getting into the instrument factory, but generally there are three paths:

Play on your own or find an instructor to teach you

Play by yourself or find a teacher who can teach you

Work with an instructor

I have no idea what saxophone is, where should I start?

Well, here’s what you need to know:

What is a saxophone?

In the context of music, saxophone is an instrument that provides a very close imitation of a real saxophone, with a range and ability to produce a sound as close to a real instrument as possible.

What is a saxophone player like?

An excellent saxophone player is well-versed in playing and understands the music within the context of jazz.

What is a jazz musician like?

A jazz musician is well-versed in the history and tradition of jazz, including learning how to play a variety of jazz styles and improvising in a variety of settings.

Some saxophone lessons can also be conducted, but they are usually more structured than playing by yourself. A good place to start with an instructor is at a Jazz School.

Which is better?

A lot depends on what you actually want to achieve with your saxophone. For better results you should begin by learning the basic principles of playing well in tune, such as playing a few notes in different positions and then developing the skill of playing the notes in various positions (bushing). You will quickly develop the most efficient and accurate technique for playing in tune, without any of the limitations associated with playing a real saxophone.

If you are going to play regularly with an instructor then you should begin with learning to read the music and become more efficient at playing notes on the fretboard.

If you are looking for a more casual method of learning, then starting from playing a piano chord at the piano is a good starting point. You’ll then begin to learn individual notes and the notes you play.

What should I study?
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Depending on your goals with the saxophone, studying with an instructor can be beneficial. However, many people do not learn to read music well before starting their jazz studies.

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